Art in the Hood is an oOh! Community art project which encourages local schools to get creative! 

We are honoured to have our Art in the Hood programme be included in the Auckland Artweek festival. This year's theme was Sustainability, which is very close to our hearts at oOh! as we are constantly striving towards creating a more sustainable business. 

This year we had the pleasure of receiving entries from five wonderful local schools and were blown away by the talent and creativity of the students. The students were tasked to create a piece of art that represents what sustainability means to them and here are our finalists – congratulations to you all!

A massive thank you to Artweek and our community partner, Auckland Transport for their support, and to our judges for taking the time out to get involved with Art in the Hood. Keep reading to learn more about our judging panel and view the incredible work by our finalists. 

2021 Judging Panel 

Evan Woodruffe - Artist

Evan Woodruffe is based in Auckland Tamaki Makaurau, and exhibits throughout the Asia-Pacific region, with work in significant collections in Singapore, Beijing, Seattle, Sydney, Melbourne, and New Zealand, including the NZ Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade.

Writer Lucinda Bennett referred to his works as Wet Maps, “living, breathing ecosystems, and visualisations of a new kind of urbanism”.

Tui Emma Gillies - Artist

Emma is a Kiwi Tongan artist specialising in tapa art. Her work mixes contemporary with traditional and can be challenging, confronting and controversial, but always with respect to the roots of the medium and the ancestors who practised it before her. 

She has exhibited in New Zealand, Tonga, Australia, UK, America and travelled to speak about her art overseas. She received the Creative New Zealand Pacific Heritage Award in 2018 and have works in collections around the world. She helped revive hiapo growing and the art of bark cloth making alongside her mother in Falevai, Vava'u where it had vanished decades earlier. 

Chae Simpson - Community Transport Manager, AT

Chae Simpson is the Community Transport Manager at Auckland Transport. She leads an awesome team of people who work with schools and communities to promote road safety and champion sustainable transport. 

Community Transport are passionate about helping to make Tāmaki Makaura sustainable and safe for everyone who lives here.

2021 Finalists 

SeoYun, 11, Kohia Terrace School

Congratulations to SeoYun Kim from Kohia Terrace School for creating the winning sustainability art piece!  

SeoYun says, 

 “Water shortages are showing seriousness due to abnormal climate change and drought around the world.

Water shortages are occurring more in proportion to the population, and more water and resources are needed to clean up contaminated water.

Therefore, we need to know that the natural environment belongs to all of us and cherish it.

From me, I expressed it in pictures to practice using only as much water as necessary.” 

Reuben, 11, Kadimah School

Belle, 12, Kohia Terrace School

Ella, 9, Stonefields School

Rafel, 11, St Mary's Catholic School

Megan & Delia, 11, Westminster Christian School

Levy, 10, Kadimah School

Kaylee, 12, Kohia Terrace School

Oliver, 11, Stonefields School

Juel, 12, St Mary's Catholic School

Gia, 11, Westminster Christian School

Lylah, 9, Kadimah School

Zoya, 13, Kohia Terrace School

Anika, 10, Stonefields School

Nibiya, 12, St Mary's Catholic School

Aimee, 10, Stonefields School

Scarlett, 12, Kohia Terrace School

Amelia, 10, Stonefields School

Yna, 11, St Mary's Catholic School

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