oOh! Community is thrilled to announce the third year running of Art in the Hood school art programme. This year's theme is Road Safety.

Road safety is one of New Zealand's leading community issues. Given our partnership with local councils, as well as the proximity of our shelters to local schools, this is an issue very close to our hearts at oOh!

This year we've been lucky enough to receive some wonderful entries from five primary/intermediate schools across Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington. The students have been asked to create a piece of artwork that celebrates what road safety means to them. 

Four lucky winners from each school have been selected by our expert panel of judges to have their artwork displayed on shelters by their schools. 

Learn more about our wonderful judging panel and view winning and finalist pieces below.

2022 Judging Panel 

Mark Hundal - Head of Commercial, oOh!media

Having worked for oOh!media in both Australia and New Zealand, Mark has seen his fair share of bus shelters and knows first-hand how great creative presented on this public transport infrastructure can enhance and bring joy to a commuter’s journey. This is why Mark was extremely pleased when asked to be the Wellington judge for this important awareness program on safety, facilitated by the creative imagination of those who use oOh!’s bus shelter network on a regular basis.

Based in Wellington, Mark is looking forward to attending the big unveil and seeing the winning idea being taken off the page and onto the shelter.

Melissa Napier - Community Transport Team Leader, Auckland Transport

Melissa has been involved with the management of AT's Schools programmes for over nine years. She works with a passionate and dedicated team of people who work with schools and communities to implement the Travelwise Behaviour Change and Walking School Bus programmes, promoting road safety in schools across Tāmaki Makaurau.

Melissa has both an allied health and education background, having worked as a physiotherapist and then primary school teacher. She is grateful for the opportunity to judge this year’s Art in the Hood competition as she knows how powerful the voice of our tamariki can be to convey such important messages that can save lives.

Samantha Peterson - Senior Community Transport Coordinator, Auckland Transport

Samantha comes from the education sector and was a classroom practitioner for a decade before moving into educational media. 

She now works for the Community Transport Team at AT as a Senior on the Travelwise Programme and is instrumental in mentoring Community Transport Coordinators (CTCs) in the planning and delivery of active mode and road safety initiatives in schools across the region. Samantha also enjoys working with local groups to build stronger, safer, communities.

She says “ I believe strongly in grassroot development and empowering our young to make informed and healthy decisions about the way they choose to live and travel. We all need to consider our personal and collective responsibility and to think about how our choices can impact our communities in a positive way – be the solution rather than the problem.”

Sarah Thorne - Passenger Transport Engineer, Christchurch City Council

Sarah Thorne works at Christchurch City Council as a Passenger Transport Engineer. 

She designs the layout of the bus stops and organises the installation of shelters. 

She says, "Art in the Hood was a pressure to judge. I could see there was a great awareness for road safety at these schools. It’s such an important topic to discuss and explore through the creation of art. I’m really looking forward to seeing some of these artworks installed in shelters."

2022 Winners & Finalists 

Sora, 11, Kohia Terrace School

Congratulations to Sora from Kohia Terrace School for creating the winning Road Safety art piece!  

Sora says:

"I drew this art as a 'Thank You' to all the people taking part in Road Patrol. I always feel very grateful for the people on Road Patrol because of how they always keep you safe when crossing roads even if it is a very rainy day. 

I spent a long time drawing the art work and colouring it in. The artwork is split into 2 sections; one is happy sunny weather and the other is cold, rainy weather.

I hope you like it!"

Bayfield School, Auckland


Archie, 6, Bayfield School

Cairo, 6, Bayfield School

Charlotte, 9, Bayfield School

Avie, 8, Bayfield School


Bella, 6, Bayfield School

Charlie, 6, Bayfield School

Rafe, 8, Bayfield School

Ruby, 6, Bayfield School

Shenaya, 7, Bayfield School

St Mary's School, Christchurch 


Cameron, 12, St Mary's School

Denise, 13, St Mary's School

Kassie, 9, St Mary's School

Kaylan, 9, St Mary's School


Mila, 9, St Mary's School

Missy, 10, St Mary's School

Neha, 11, St Mary's School

Sinadi, 10, St Mary's School

Stefanie, 10, St Mary's School

Zaira 12, Mathea 12, Angel 13, St Mary's School

Westminster Christian School, Auckland


Ellie 10, Victoria 10, Westminster Christian School

Jedd, 10, Westminster Christian School

Ju-A, 8, Westminster Christian School

Damin, 8, Westminster Christian School


Aysel, 8, Westminster Christian School

Daniel, 8, Westminster Christian School

Hannah, 9, Westminster Christian School

Isabella, 9, Westminster Christian School

Iva, 8, Westminster Christian School

Tejun, 9, Westminster Christian School

Kohia Terrace School, Auckland


Abby, 7, Kohia Terrace School

Alexandra, 10, Kohia Terrace School

Sora, 11, Kohia Terrace School

Yash 11, Harsh 12, Kohia Terrace School


Alisha, 10, Kohia Terrace School

Alissa, 8, Kohia Terrace School

Anna, 10, Kohia Terrace School

Annie, 7, Kohia Terrace School

Arianna, 8, Kohia Terrace School

Emilie, 7 Kohia Terrace School

Hazel, 12, Kohia Terrace School

Hiyara, 8, Kohia Terrace School

Jemima, 11, Kohia Terrace School

Nadia, 10, Kohia Terrace School

Zoelle, 10, Kohia Terrace School

Kelburn Normal School, Wellington


Matilda, ?, Kelburn Normal School

Paddy, 10, Kelburn Normal School

Esther, 10, Kelburn Normal School

Fiona, 10, Kelburn Normal School


Annabel, 7, Kelburn Normal School

Cindy, 9, Kelburn Normal School

Greta, 10, Kelburn Normal School

Isla, 10, Kelburn Normal School

Izzy, 8, Kelburn Normal School

Makayla, 9, Kelburn Normal School

Prinze, 8, Kelburn Normal School

Ryan, 8, Kelburn Normal School

Shirley, 10, Kelburn Normal School

Simone, 10, Kelburn Normal School

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