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Our goal is to be New Zealand’s leader in understanding consumers’ Out of Home habits. Leveraging market-leading tools to deliver unparalleled breadth, depth and quality of audience insight at location; industry and market profiling; audience measurement; creative and marketing effectiveness. We strive to understand the role that Out of Home plays and how to best execute effective campaigns for our clients, so come speak to us today.


New Zealand’s leading Out of Home audience measurement system, Calibre is used by oOh!media, JCDecaux, and Mediaworks, while being endorsed by OOHMAA. It leverages LANDMARKS ID insights which are powered by a large and nationally representative consumer sample of 300K plus mobile devices nationwide.

De-identified and privacy compliant, LANDMARKS ID insights inform where customers live, work, play and the places they visit. The benefits of partnering with LANDMARKS ID is that Calibre can deliver a reach and frequency model for any Out of Home format utilising:

  • GPS Data, the most accurate location data available
  • First party data, sourced from well-known NZ mobile applications
  • Real people the insights are powered by Kiwis everyday journeys and behaviours

Whether they are travelling by car to work, walking to their local café, taking the bus to university, heading to a shopping centre on the weekend, or going away on holiday, Calibre & LANDMARKS ID can capture and deduplicate their exposure across all Out of Home formats, making it the perfect platform to unify the industry under a single measurement currency.


oOh! Behavioural Targeting

LANDMARKS ID location insights allow both brand owners and advertising agencies to personalise their marketing communications, profile competitors activity and inform strategic business decisions. Aggregated audience data is passed back to oOh! and pinned against our locations + nominated POIs providing an Audience Index against each oOh! asset. Advertisers can then plan their OOH activity against oOh! assets that over index for a desired audience

  • 24x Category Affinities – Targeting audiences based on Real World behaviour and Locations visited at a Category Level
  • 165x Brand Affinities – Targeting audiences based on Real World behaviour and Locations visited at a Brand Level

Insight & Mobility Updates

We have partnered with Landmarks ID to understand the mobility trends of kiwis past our network on a weekly basis. This gives advertisers the confidence in our audience delivery week to week as consumer mobility ebbs and flows across the year. We will also explore key trends & events that are affecting the OOH industry and how we can help you can make smarter planning decisions.

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