oOh!media expands Auckland Street Furniture network

This morning, oOh!media New Zealand is pleased to announce the expansion of its advertising funded street furniture network across the greater Auckland region. The expansion of its network not only supports Auckland Transport’s critical public transport service delivery but will further strengthen oOh!’s audience reach within the region. This latest extension is designed to match the ever-increasing development of housing across Auckland.

The addition of these new locations will further add to oOh!’s unmissable advantage by expanding its network of Out of Home advertising locations across the isthmus delivering audience to advertisers in new suburban and CBD locations, providing advertisers with even greater scale and more opportunities to reach their audience.

oOh! has already completed the installation of 100 new classic advertising panels, with the deployment of 30 digital panels to be completed by April 2022. Classic panels have been installed into locations including Hobsonville, Maraitai, Pukekohe, Beachlands, Drury South, Warkworth and Snell’s Beach. Notable new central sites include Halsey St, Quay St, Lower Albert St, and the Strand, supporting major public transport projects.

oOh! is very pleased to be working closely with Auckland Transport on this expansion project, integrating into Auckland Transport owned infrastructure to include advertising panels and to support its sustainability positioning. oOh! will be powering the classic ad panels through inclusion of solar paneling. Further to this, the oOh! maintenance team will be taking over all cleaning and maintenance responsibilities for this upgraded infrastructure.

“This expansion is a natural progression for the network in Auckland. We’re excited to further strengthen our longstanding partnership with Auckland Transport and as well showcasing our continued investment in Auckland by providing new locations to match the expansion of the city and delivering advertisers further opportunities to reach even more ‘on the go’ Kiwis.”

Nick Vile – General Manager, oOh!media New Zealand

“It’s wonderful to be working alongside Auckland Transport to provide a more diverse offering for both our advertisers and partners. Importantly the roll out of such an expansive network of solar powered advertising assets supports our sustainability ambitions and sits alongside other projects such as recycling all our posters into fence posts, and a continuation of powering our digital product with 100% renewable energy. It’s a win win for advertisers and the environment.”

Kelly Harvey – Head of Marketing, oOh!media New Zealand

In conjunction with smart location positioning, there has been a continued focus and investment into product quality with all digital screens deployed being state-of-the-art ultra-high definition 75inch screens, capable of delivering 4K content and adjust illuminance dependent on ambient light conditions.

Addtional sites have been chosen in accordance with developments in housing and traffic volumes; more homes being built in the outer regions has driven a need to build new shelters where Aucklanders are living, and Auckland CBD foot traffic, public transport patronage, and traffic volumes are back to (or on their way to being) normal, (according to Stats NZ).

“oOh!media’s ever-growing commitment to Auckland Transport’s sustainability goals and focus on the customer experience while the bus shelters continue to highlight oOh!’s service and dedication to the network. We are excited to be working with the team to further expand Auckland’s offerings, whilst also moving toward a greener future.”

Daniel Oxnam – Business Development Manager, Auckland Transport