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The Future of Out of Home is Audience

The power of Out of Home (OOH) to reach audiences at scale is undisputed and in 2024 oOh! will continue to lead the market in offering audience-led solutions that deliver stronger results for advertisers.

Four key principles to drive the strongest audience reach and ROI outcomes:

1. Plan to multi-channel

2. Plan a blend of assets

3. Maximise 1+ reach

4. Target behaviour


Smart Reach is designed to maximise the 1+ reach of your target audience by picking the best combination of panels that not only delivers broadcast reach with every buy, but the best combination of panels to maximise on target audience delivery.

3.7 M



Kiwis 15+
(source; Calibre)


Audience segments

Data Partnership

A media and marketing insights platform that profiles and measures consumers' real world behaviours, designed using Privacy First principles and powered by anonymous mobile datasets.




Devices leveraged to build the insights

Brand Audience Segments

Category Audience Segments

Active Smart Fences

  • LANDMARKS ID utilise GPS data from consenting mobile app users.
  • Micro-geofence technology (called ‘Smart Fences’) are deployed over oOh! assets + thousands of Points of Interest (POI) across New Zealand.
  • The Smart Fences act as a ‘virtual tripwire’ and understand when a mobile device passes through them.
  • Aggregated audience data is passed back to oOh! and pinned against our locations + nominated POIs – providing an Audience Index against each oOh! asset.
  • Advertisers can then plan their OOH activity against oOh! assets that over-index for a desired audience.

Digital Brand Affinities

Digital Brand Affinity allows advertisers to target consumers who have provided specific digital signals or who have installed selected apps on their smartphones, indicating an affinity for those particular businesses or brands.

Leveraging Smart Reach

Targeted Planning

IO & Programmatic 

Use pre-built Smart Reach audiences to inform optimal media placement across the oOh! network.

Leverage the site lists created through either standard IO or pDOOH PMP deals.

First Party Custom Audience

Creative Optimisation

Further enrich targeting by selecting the best creative to run in each asset.

Advertisers can optimise the reach of their outdoor media campaigns using their existing First Party customer datasets.

Why oOh!?

The most efficient company at delivering reach & frequency in OOH, with the asset scale to deliver against every target audience.

oOh!’s unrivalled network allows advertisers to prime customers with their messaging and influence the path to purchase, as well as build significant reach across a campaign.

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