oOh Studio

oOh! Studio

Our oOh! Studio team bring countless imaginable installations and experiences to life across our assets in Retail and on Street, ranging from special print and special builds to sampling
and activations.  Although we love to ideate concepts answering our client’s campaign objectives, we enjoy bringing our client’s ideas to life just the same –so whether you have a
specific idea of your own or aren’t quite sure where to start, our creative team are here to help your brand make an impact!

Unleash your brand creative 

oOh! Studio’s static Panoramas create memorable brand landscapes through powerful flexibility, proximity and reach. Panoramas enable you to marry impactful large format with smart
targeting at scale.  As a next-level option, some sites have the ability to be transformed into immersive bus shelter takeovers, bringing campaigns to life.

Surprise and delight 

From shelter extensions to wraps, oOh! Studio’s Special Builds entertain commuters, create buzz and strengthen campaign presence on the street level.

Add impact 

oOh! offers additional impactful advertising solutions with floor decals, and bespoke builds that bring creative solutions and impact to your brand.

Get in touch with us today and find out how we can make your brand unmissable