oOh!media NZ and Voices of Hope team up for Mental Health Awareness Week

oOh!media New Zealand and Voices of Hope have come together once again, to recognise Mental Health Awareness Week 2023 (18th – 24th September) by displaying a thought- provoking message every day of the week across the Out of Home network.

Voices of Hope has been a charity partner of oOh!media for three years now, with the partnership taking an ‘always on, always there’ approach, ensuring that oOh! displays messages of hope constantly across both the Street and Retail networks all year round.

This year’s theme for Mental Health Awareness Week 2023 is ‘Five Ways, Five Days’, which inspired Voices of Hope’s campaign of doing five different messages across each new day of the week. Each message highlights the importance of reaching out to friends who may need some extra care, as well as encouraging those who are not feeling great, to take action and reach out if they need.

oOh!media and Voices of Hope received the following feedback from members of the public noting the impact of seeing these messages on display throughout the year.

“It always put a smile on my face knowing that mental health is finally being acknowledged more frequently.”

Another person added, “I love the bright and eye-catching daily reminders of hope. It truly brightens my day.”

Nick Vile, General Manager at oOh!media NZ says: “As New Zealand’s leading Out of Home company, we exist within the public spaces of our communities. It is important we continue to recognise this by shining a light on issues that matter the most to the public. Working with Voices of Hope provides us an incredible opportunity to acknowledge mental health awareness all year long and give people a glimmer of hope when they may need it the most.”

Voices of Hope Co-Founder Genevieve Mora adds: “We are very grateful to continuously work with a network that holds mental health in such a high regard. We really believe in speaking about mental health at all times, not just when one is feeling low. It has been reassuring to have the support of oOh!media and we are thrilled to constantly hear the positive sentiment from commuters about how seeing the voices of hope posters make them feel in their everyday lives.”

The five messages will be displayed across the retail and street networks throughout Aotearoa from 18th September – 24th September 2023.