oOh!media NZ Puts Its Own Spin on Pepsi’s Latest Campaign

oOh!media New Zealand in partnership with Pepsi New Zealand, OMD New Zealand and Commercial Bay is thrilled to unveil an exciting, outdoor activation in the heart of Auckland CBD to celebrate the new look Pepsi. This activation introduces a never-before-seen Out of Home advertising build to New Zealand.

At the centre of this activation is “The Globe”, a first-of-its-kind special build measuring 2.5 by 2.5 metres. This 360-degree spinning Pepsi-branded globe is adorned with spotlights, reminiscent of the iconic Universal Studios Globe. Accompanied by a floor decal and stage, The Globe aims to create a memorable and interactive experience for pedestrians walking across Quay St to Commercial Bay.

“This activation goes beyond traditional advertising; it’s about creating impactful interactions with consumers,” said Kim Clark, Senior Brand Manager at Pepsi New Zealand: “We wanted to create a stop, stare, engage moment with our customers to gain more than an impression but their active attention and interest”

The Globe will be displayed in Commercial Bay from July 1st to July 7th, inviting the public to interact, take photos and share their experience on social media, a first-of-its-kind activation at Commercial Bay.

Charlotte Parker, OMD Business Director said, “OMD was set the challenge to launch Pepsi’s updated brand identity to the NZ market with a bang! We knew we needed to create an attention-grabbing media moment. oOh!’s creativity and bravery to push outside the bounds has helped us bring to life a bespoke media solution never before seen in NZ!”

Corinne Wilken, oOh!’s Creative Services Director highlighted the collaborative effort with OMD in launching The Globe stating, “When partnering with OMD, we aimed to explore new opportunities to captivate consumers. The Globe perfectly demonstrates a commitment to innovation and creativity. We are thrilled to bring this campaign to life.”

In addition to The Globe, the campaign has been brought to life across key locations nationwide with a mix of Small and Large Format oOh! assets including Symonds St Hub in Auckland, a full floor decal in the Wellington Train Station Underpass and premium retail video on oOh!’s largest digital screen in Sylvia Park.