Samsung’s interactive Out of Home campaign transforms commuter experience

oOh!media, Samsung, and Spark Foundry collaborated to launch an engaging Out of Home advertising campaign designed to showcase the advanced AI features of the latest Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra & S24+ smartphones. This initiative introduced a push-button interactive build, changing the way audiences engage with outdoor advertising.

The campaign was brought to life with five special builds in key locations across Auckland (Tāmaki Makaurau), Wellington (Te Whanganui-a-Tara), and Christchurch (Ōtautahi), highlighting the transformative capabilities of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra & S24+’s Galaxy AI. Commuters were encouraged to interact with the campaign by simply pushing a button, triggering an instant enhancement of blurred visuals into sharp clarity. This interactive experience lasted for a brief period before the frosted film returned, leaving a lasting impression on viewers.

The campaign aimed to create an engaging experience for commuters by integrating push-button activated frosted film into outdoor advertising. This initiative not only showcased the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra & S24+ Galaxy AI features and unbelievable 200MP camera, but it highlighted oOh!’s innovative and creative approach to OOH advertising.

Corinne Wilken, Creative Services Director at oOh!media New Zealand, highlights, “This campaign is a great example of how we collaborate at oOh! to bring together tech and creativity, making sure we truly engage with our audiences.”

Christine Lightfoot, Head of Marketing Communications at Samsung Electronics, says, ““We were excited about collaborating together with the oOh! team to bring to life our new Galaxy AI features available on our latest S24 series. It was important for us to bring these features to life in an interactive way to surprise and engage our target audience and with this opportunity it gave us a great unique way to do just that in a simple, yet very effective and memorable way”.

By strategically situating street furniture retrofitted with special poster panels, Samsung’s Galaxy S24 Ultra & S24+ message, along with its Galaxy AI features, connected with audiences in an engaging and informative manner.

These interactive screens were available to experience in Auckland (Tāmaki Makaurau), Wellington (Te Whanganui-a-Tara), and Christchurch (Ōtautahi) until June 2nd.