The scale to be precise.

oOh! Street is New Zealand’s only roadside Street Furniture network, offering advertisers true national scale, reaching 2.8million New Zealanders every month.  Our unrivalled coverage (3,000+ Classic and 300+ Digital assets), means we deliver more audience, more often, in more places.

  • 8 New Zealand regions
  • 3,000+ Small Format Classic assets
  • 300+ Small Format Digital screens
  • 1000+ Street Large Format sites

The scale to be precise.

oOh!’s small format Street Classic panels deliver unparalleled reach and frequency, cost effectively, across New Zealand.  The scale of coverage means we provide proximity to more points of interest than any other out-of-home provider.  24/7 illumination ensures advertisers’ messaging is viewable at all hours of the day.

Relevance at scale.

oOh!’s small format Street Live (Digital) screens deliver superior coverage compared to any other roadside digital network in New Zealand.  Utilising 75” ultra-high-definition screens which adjust to local ambient light conditions, we deliver the sharpest creative messaging to vehicular and pedestrian audiences nationwide.  Street Live provides total campaign flexibility – enabling buying flexibility for advertisers, and creative flexibility to run multiple messages to increase contextual relevance and engage audiences.

Impact at street level.

oOh! Street Large Format is big on impact and scale with 1,000+ assets nationwide. Utilise the scalability with our suite of audience and location targeting tools to achieve tailored audience delivery, alongside the visual impact of large format. Our new LED light strips not only illuminate large format print for 24/7 visibility, but also enhance creative impact with optional colour. The specialised lighting is fully customisable which means we can light up the country in your specific brand hue.

Surprise and delight.

From shelter extensions to wraps, oOh! Studio’s Special Builds deliver impact at street level, allowing advertisers to entertain commuters, generate buzz and create PR-able content to amplify on social media channels. 



Our Services

oOh! Insight

Our leading data and insights team arms advertisers with the information and data to create unmissable campaigns delivering impact and results.

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oOh! Studio

Our oOh! Studio team brings installations and experiences to life across our product range, from special print and builds to sampling and activations.

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oOh! Programmatic

Programmatic Digital Out of Home enables OOH to play more roles for advertisers throughout the purchase funnel than ever before, via automated trading.

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