Tāmaki Makaurau abuzz as oOh!media installs green roofs across the city

Beginning twelve months ago, with a successful trial installation at Ponsonby Central’s bus shelter, oOh!media has continued its mission to renature urban spaces, installing ten green roofs around Tāmaki Makaurau, with completion scheduled for early 2024.

Renowned for both the environmental benefits and positive impact on commuter wellbeing, roof planting on public structures has become a popular and effective practice internationally, particularly in Europe where it is now common place to see urban bus shelters transformed into ‘green roofs’ or ‘buzz’ stops.

Implementing this innovation down under, oOh!media New Zealand has partnered with local living roof specialists, Greenroofs working in collaboration with Sempergreen Australia. The partnership saw an initial 12 month trial at Auckland’s bustling Ponsonby Central bus shelter, to ensure the plants chosen could withstand the ever-changing weather and climate. After close monitoring for the past 12 months, the teams are now ready to expand ‘buzz stops’ to the wider Tāmaki Makaurau region.

oOh!media is proud to be leading the way with its bus shelter transformation programme. Nick Vile, General Manager of oOh!media New Zealand says, “As part of our wider ESG programme and philosophy at oOh!, we are always looking for ways – big and small – to make public spaces better and ensure we are providing positive impact where it matters. These green roofs are helping us move toward this goal in a way that not only looks good, but makes us, and our commuters feel good too.”

Greenroofs Ltd specialist Will Thorne adds, “There are many benefits to Green Roof installations. The plants of a green roof filter particulate matter from the air and covert Co2 into oxygen, helping with air purification. They also assist with temperature reduction, contributing to lowering the temperature in the city. Surfaces with plants warm up less quickly and store less heat. In addition, plants evaporate water, which leads to cooling of the air, making for a more pleasant urban climate. We are thrilled to be assisting oOh!media NZ with its green roof installations around Auckland and we look forward to hopefully seeing an expansion to the wider nation in the near future.”

Simon Soulsby, Head of Partnerships at Auckland Transport says the installation of the Green Roofs is an innovative way to bring nature into urban areas and brighten up Tāmaki Makaurau’s concrete jungle.  “It is important for Auckland Transport to set an example in the industry and champion the use of our public spaces in a way that positively adds to the lives of our community. This is a great example of innovative partnerships driving sustainable solutions. We’re very excited at the prospect of more ‘buzz stops’ around the city – it isn’t hard to smile when you pass a bus shelter in the middle of the city that has flowers and plants growing out the top of it.”

The installation of the Green Roofs is currently in progress, seven roofs already installed, with three to go later this month.